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Do you know someone who is talking about or questioning whether they may need to auction and sell their personal property? Perhaps they are executors of an estate or partial estate. Perhaps they are moving and don't want to move all their personal items. Perhaps they, or a loved one are needing to downsize. Maybe you know of a business that is closing and will need to liquidate it's assets. Whatever the reason, take a few minutes to contact us to directly refer them to TVA and if we contract them for an auction, you will receive a nice referral fee for your effort.

All referrals are confidential and on a first come basis. So if you are interested in providing us a referral don't delay as somebody else may also have the same information as you.

When contacting us for a referral, please be prepared to provide the following information in the form below:

  • Name of individual owner or business
  • Owner or business contact information; cell phone, home phone or email address
  • Current address of owner or business
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